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who we are

Shear Karma® is about creating good karma within ourselves
inside and out, locally and globally. We provide a completely non-toxic environment, using a wide range of quality organic products. We make sure that each service is personalized and catered specifically to your needs. We are fueled by the desire to have you feeling and looking great.

What is Karma?
Karma is the balance between what we need to learn and grow from and what we need to be in purpose. The other side of karma is having to learn your lessons over and over until you learn and grow from it. The mistakes you make can effect people which creates karmic lessons that you would need to correct in this lifetime and other lifetimes until it has been corrected or fulfilled. We create karma in our lives in a good way by making space for others to heal and grow and spread love, kindness and understanding of what is needed to achieve purpose in this lifetime and all life times after this. We make karma with our loved ones so that we have a sense of togetherness in all of our lifetimes. Its easier for soul to heal and grow with souls they’re connected to. We create other karmic connections from people that do not support us or help us grow. That is what we need to clear and let go.

All lifetimes of karma in that sense need to be cleared and healed in order for soul to move forward in the sense that we need to grow and learn and be in purpose. Purpose is needed to become enlightened. We teach good karma and help others find their purpose in life by letting go what no longer serves them including old karmic lessons and karmic connection that hold soul back. Shear Karma is a synonym on how we need to shear our karma that does not serve us so that we can live in purpose of self love and love of others.

Sharla Fagan

Owner/Founder of Shear Karma

Soul Healer | Certified Emotional Intelligence Life Coach

Shear Karma was founded by Sharla Fagan in 2011. Sharla has been in the salon industry for almost 30 yrs. She is well-versed in her expertise of hairstyling while creating excellent customer care. Her purpose is to help others with their self-love, love for others, inner strength, and giving gratitude to everything they are and experience in life. She teaches about self care and taking care of yourself inside and out comes first. She believes self-care is important in all aspects of your life.

Read more about Sharla’s journey here.

April Kisselburg


April has been a hairstylist for over 20 years. She enjoys having great conversations with her clients and always has a smile on her face. She has an amazing shampoo massage that will provide you with the utmost relaxation while feeling revived. Her passion is to help you feel beautiful inside and out — while leaving the salon filled with joy and positive vibes.

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