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Colorful crystals on a table


At Shear Karma, you will be welcomed into a calming atmosphere with the light scent of custom-blended essential oils softly surrounding you. We invite you to clear your mind, focus on yourself, and allow us to guide you to serenity and rejuvenation.

An important part of the rejuvenation process involves the flow of energy. The chakra system is our energetic system that helps support the other organs and systems in the body. These chakras hold our emotions, stress and everything on an energetic level. Releasing any negative thoughts and emotions of oneself and others can increase vibration, enhance life longevity and gives joyous views on life.


We give energy healings by providing our complimentary Karmic Rituals with every service. 

  • Our aromatherapy blends are made with crystal and full moon energy. Each signature oil blend has its intention and purpose to what is needed with sensory healing. Our aromatherapy blends have specific healing properties that will help assist with the self care needed at the salon.

  • Soul stone healing is with the use of crystals. Each crystal has their own properties and intentions vibrating at a high frequency. Their frequency is around 32,768 hertz and our human bodies vibrate around 7.83 hertz. We use crystals to raise our frequencies to a higher vibration which can promote healing energy within the chakra system.


Healing modalities that can be added to your experience:


Infrared Crystal Healing Mat

  • Improves blood circulation in the skin and internal organs..

  • Reduce stress and fatigue, and completely invigorate the body.

  • Far infrared treatment can reduce inflammation.

  • Reduce some negative behaviors such as anxiety and depression, improving your mood.

  • Crystals in mat:
    Amethyst: Clear negative energy, bring strength, courage, and peace.
    Citrine: To spark enthusiasm, creativity, and concentration. 
    Clear quartz: A master healer and supports the entire energetic system. 
    Turquoise: Soothe emotions and attract good luck. 
    Jade: Another well-known stone for prosperity and luck. 
    Obsidian: To help process emotions and experiences and aid in letting go.


Energy Healing Session

Stylist personalizes your healing experience by clearing chakras and aura, release stuck or stagnant energy, and recommends self care rituals according to your chakra’s needs.

There is no better time to start focusing on you than right now.


All healing modalities used in Shear Karma are scientifically proven or have been recognized by science and eastern medicine to help with health and wellness. We’re not qualified to diagnose or heal any physical medical issues. We provide energy healing which is connected to thoughts, emotions, and the connectivity to oneself and others. If you have any questions regarding our techniques, please call (760) 402-5844.

Shear Karma... Changing lives one hair at a time.™

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