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A Shear Karma® appointment is an experience like no other. This is your time to focus on yourself. Allow your mind to rest from any noise in your life while taking in the calm and welcoming environment. Give yourself permission to relax and unwind. Your soul will thank you.

All Shear Karma services begin with a consultation followed by our Karmic Rituals which include custom-blended essential oils and soul stones that best complement your self care goals, as shown below.

Karmic Rituals

Complimentary holistic add-ons for experiencing soul healing


Stress Free  •  Relaxation  •  Energizing  •  Prosperity



Grounding  •  Creativity  •  Emotional Stress Relief

Unconditional Love  •  Communication Skills

Awareness  •  Intuition



Massage with soul stones at shampoo bowl



Short to Medium Length Haircut - A new hair design or needing to clean up and refresh style. Includes blowout or curl diffuse style.



Long Length Haircut - Design with layering or shaping hair into a healthy look. Includes blowout or curl diffuse style.



Hair Extensions

(consultation required prior to first appointment)

Keratin Treatment


Length and density is extra


Textured Curl


Length and density is extra


Pricing may change based on actual length of time spent on service.


Rooting Your Inner Self - Color regrowth for gray coverage or color grow out. (extra cost for more than 1")



Power Your Personality - Express yourself with all over color that makes you shine and be your own beautiful, authentic self.



Brighten Your Aura - Face framing highlights



True Enlightenment - Partial foils or balayage



High Vibration - Full highlights with foils or balayage



Transformational Shift - Awaken your higher self with a new fresh look! Includes services of base color or root touch up, face frame or partial highlights, haircut design, Refresh and Rejuvenate conditioning treatment, and energy healing.






Event Styling With Detail (consultation required prior to appointment) 

Price varies - Starting at $85



Replenish and Rejuvenate  $25

Nourishes hair with moisture and hydration to revitalize
color and shine. Hair feels more soft and manageable.
Recommended after color and haircut services.

Be Balanced  $45

A healing treatment service to purify, replenish and nourish
scalp and hair. Envelop your senses in the healing aromatherapy. Rebalance
your mind and body during this relaxing and rejuvenating experience.


* Pricing is based on time spent, product used, and technique involved.

* Services are booked on an average time basis on how long the appointment should take. Any extra time after that will be an extra charge at an hourly rate. Please let us know when booking if you have long thick hair that may require extra time. 

* We honor a 7-day grace period for color or haircut adjustments from your previous appointment.

New clients receive a complimentary New Start treatment with their first appointment with a service.

We love to pay it forward!

When you refer us, we will send out our gratitude by giving you a complimentary treatment of your choice.

Image by Esther Verdú

Private Soul Healing Sessions

Private Soul Healing Sessions 

Soul healing is a form of healing that encompasses all energy that is being held in your physical and energetic body. Our body, mind and spirit become more relaxed and less stressed by clearing and healing energy by releasing limited belief systems, clearing karma and letting go of things that no longer serve you. Healing sessions can differ to what the soul needs at that time. 

  • Chakra and aura clearing 

  • Releasing energetic emotional trauma

  • Breaking karmic beliefs systems 

  • Releasing and healing cords 

  • Messages from higher self and spirit

$120 1hr


Stepping into your personal power. Learn how to ground and protect your energy allowing you to fully step into your personal power. Meditative techniques that will be used as your daily self care routine. 

$100 1hr

All healing modalities used in Shear Karma are scientifically proven or have been recognized by science and eastern medicine to help with health and wellness. We’re not qualified to diagnose or heal any physical medical issues. We provide energy healing which is connected to thoughts, emotions, and the connectivity to oneself and others. If you have any questions regarding our techniques, please call (760) 402-5844.

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